It’s true, we are a new website.

And maybe all the numbers aren’t in yet (give us some time!). But if you choose to partner with us, you’ll be getting in on the ground floor. Right off the bat. Best foot forward. All those cliches.


We are invested in keeping parents invested.

We want them to come back over and over again. We are here for the year-rounders. Not the vacationers (though we will take them too!).


The people behind this site are two moms who grew up in the area, not a marketing firm.

But we also have lived and traveled all over the world, and have worked in dot com businesses back when you could still do that (Ashley—who has been here since 1991— started her own web company, and Beegee —who moved here in 1974 at 6 months old—used to make online ads for Nickelodeon and The Knot.) 


We aren’t interested in casting a really wide net of viewers.

We are interested in finding the right viewers. We are interested in these people:

  • They need a list of the top three family photographers with links to their websites.
  • They need to know which summer camps are open the third week of July that start at 9 and will keep their kids until dinnertime.
  • Then they want to know where to take those kids for dinner where they can play outside and get a gluten-free option.

That’s our audience: caretakers who come to this site because they need something specific. They need hard information. They don’t want to spend all day googling. 


The transitive property in action.

You’ll become a trusted resource. By partnering with Lowcountry Lineup, your new clients will say “I saw your ad on Lowcountry Lineup! I love that site, and because I love them so much, using the transitive property I learned in Algebra, I now love YOU too.” That feels nice, doesn’t it? And you used math!


Hard-driving sticklers.

Heck yes, we are. We wanted to bring our knowledge to a place we love and whip that place into shape. We know no one has time for a calendar that last updated four years ago. Our slogan could be: "Give Me All The Updated Events In A Thirty Mile Radius Or Give Me Death." That'll fit a on a t-shirt, right?



6 month minimum

  • Custom designed banner ad at the top of one relevant page. You are the only ad on this page.
  • First placement highlighted  business listing linking potential clients to your own website with photo, testimonial and visual map.
  • A custom article crafted to drive qualified traffic to your business and provide a quality inbound link to your site.
  • Social media promotion includes sharing the content and links to your business or event.
Contributing sponsor

3 month minimum

  • Custom designed banner ad at the top of one relevant page. You are one of four ads max rotating on this page.
  • Prominent, highlighted business listing linking potential clients to your own website.
  • Social media sharing and promotion of your website or event.
basic sponsor


  • Prominent, highlighted business listing linking potential clients to your own website.
  • Social Media shout-out

"Wait! I have problems!"

 "I don't have a graphic designer!"

"I want to partner with you but I don't have a website, much less a graphic designer! How can I get these marketing materials made?"

The Solution

Well, it just so happens, we offer in-house design services. That means we'll make you a banner! That's part of the package (but if we make it, we get to make it look how we like it). We can also talk about outfitting you with other things (logos, websites, business cards) if you're in need. That kind of work is our wheelhouse. We live in that house. We even do it for a living, over at Wysify.com.  

"I don't have enough money to buy advertising!"

"I want to partner with you but I can only offer goods and services like delicious restaurant gift certificates and lengthy massages. Can we work out a deal?"

The Solution

Maybe! We're always open to giveaways. Contact us.

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