Time Is Short! Vote Absentee In Person By June 8, 2020

With only a few days until the (Republican) June 9, 2020 Primary Election, you may not have time to print and mail your application - AND receive your ballot back in time to vote and return it. 

We URGE you to take a few minutes out of your day to vote at your closest Elections Office (Yes, there is one in Bluffton!).  You can cast your vote at an office until Monday, June 8. 

Mail-In Vote For South Carolina's June 2020 Primary Election

Great News! You Can Vote From Home In June's SC Primary

Mail-In Vote For South Carolina's June 2020 Primary Election today!

South Carolina is allowing mail-in (absentee) voting for the 2020 South Carolina June primary election. This means if you are a South Carolina resident, you can request a mail-in ballot and vote from home.

Having worked the polls for Beaufort County, I feel very confident in using the absentee voting system. There is a very strict system of checks and double-checks that require multiple people verify every single absentee vote. 

Absentee (mail-in) Voting Options:

The Only Primary Ballot Is Republican

The only ballot being offered for the June 9, 2020 Primary is a Republican one. This is simply because there is only one person running for each seat (so there's no primary). In the South Carolina primaries, you choose to cast a Republican or Democratic ballot. This does not obligate you to vote this way in November. 

Let's be clear: So many of our local offices are Republican-held. If you want a say in who is on the final ballot in November, vote in the June Primary. 

However you vote, vote. Because every vote matters, and every vote counts.

Mail-in ballots are available only if you request Republican. Get your application here. 

Head to your closest election's office and vote prior to June 9th, 2020.

Mail-In Vote For South Carolina's June 2020 Primary Election

Beaufort County does not have a Democratic Primary, but register for November now.

Mail-In Vote For South Carolina's June 2020 Primary Election

Let Lindsay Graham's campaign request your ballot for you.

Worried About Jury Duty?

It is a MYTH that South Carolina only uses the voter registration system to add citizens to the jury pool. While registered voters are included, SC collects jury pool names from the DMV and voter lists. So, if you have an SC identification card or driver's license, you may as well vote! 

This Is Your Chance

This year has been hard on everyone, but take a few minutes to vote. Your vote does matter!  If you're one of the people thinking, "My vote doesn't make a difference!", you're wrong. Absolutely wrong. 

Your vote matters, even in small voting precincts. And if you insist on believing it doesn't matter (it does), then what do it hurt to vote?

And honestly, let's face it: NO one wants to wait in line to vote. Chair side voting sounds awesome.

Request a mail-in ballot, vote early at your nearest election office, or just get your favorite candidate (Democrat or Republican) to request your ballot for you! 

No Printer? No Problem!

Head to the South Carolina Election Commission's website and locate your county office. Then, simply call or email your request. 

Every election is determined 

by the people who show up.

Larry J. Sabato

To Mail-In Vote For South Carolina's June 2020 Primary Election


Either request an application, or print and mail it in right now. Super fast!


The Election's Office in your county will review your application, make sure you are who you say you are, and mail you a ballot to complete and return. You only get ONE absentee ballot. No changing your mind and going in-person the day of primary elections.


Complete your ballot and mail it in. Or, you can drop it off to your closest election's office. 

Mail-In Vote For South Carolina's June 2020 Primary Election

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