This is a completely unofficial list of providers and appointment booking websites offering COVID-19 vaccinations in the Beaufort County, SC area. We are not medical professionals and make no promises about efficacy, accuracy, services, etc. Understand? We are not experts and you should talk to your doctor, not us. This list was created to help family and friends and is being shared as a resource. 

If you know of another provider or more specific information, please share in the comments below. Thanks for sharing and caring!  

Anyone who has spent even a minute trying to book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment knows how mind-numbingly difficult it is to be in the right place at the right time to get an appointment for your first dose. Even The Points Guy is obsessed. After researching for friends and family, I thought others might find the information gathered below useful. 

There's no magic trick, but a few tips:

  • The best official website to use to check for a list of vaccine providers is DHEC's COVID-19 Vax Locator page
  • Check early and check late (like midnight and 4am)
  • You can call pharmacies later in the day to ask about extra doses that might need to be used but know their pharmacists are busy and answering phones makes it tough to dispense meds and vaccines.
  • Constantly refresh websites like DHEC's VAMS (vaccine locations elect whether to use this system or not, which is why we all have to go a gazillion places to search for appointments)
  • Georgia vaccines are not available to SC residents unless you meet a very narrow set of parameters. That said, SC residents are getting them in Georgia. 
  • Homebound seniors in Jasper and Hampton counties can now get a vaccine. 

Quick Appointment Results By Location, County, Or Zip

beaufort memorial sc covid vaccine waitlist signup

Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Sign up for their waitlist to be notified when an appointment comes available. 

burkes covid vaccine

Burke's Pharmacy

Per their NextDoor posting on March 9, 2021:  "Burke‚Äôs Main Street Pharmacy will soon be doing 150-200 COVID shots a day. We schedule 5 days out, only giving shots Monday-Friday. If any cancellations they go right back onto our portal on our website! Check every day 3-4 times a day."

CVS covid vaccine

CVS South Carolina

This quick reference list shows available appointments by county. A quick starting point! Rumor has it a CVS location (1500 Ribaut Rd) in Beaufort has walk-in appointments but call (843)524-5440 to check first. Totally unconfirmed but I have noticed over the last week that this CVS location often has available appointments.

Harris Teeter Covid scheduler

Harris Teeter

Leave the distance on the checkmark selection (do not choose 5, 10, or 20 miles) and it pulls up everything; appointments show up in GA so beware. It appears Kroger and Harris Teeter share results and appointments through the same website (on Teeter's site Kroger shows up).

hilton head hospital and coastal carolina covid vaccine appointment

Hilton Head Regional Healthcare 

An appointment booked today (March 9, 2021) yielded a June first dose vaccine appointment (!!) but fingers crossed their schedule will move up as more vaccines come available. At their website you can request an appointment but it must be booked through the VAMS system after they contact you with details. This is for Coastal Carolina in Okatie and Hilton Head Hospital in well, Hilton Head. 

kroger covid vaccine appointment locater


You're getting the idea by now, I'm guessing. Search it up!

Public covid vaccine appointment search

Publix South Carolina

Same as CVS, a quick reference list by county. A completely unofficial and unconfirmed Next Door posting says check at 7am.


VAMS Portal South Carolina DHEC

Open the page and keep refreshing as this website has appointments appear and disappear all the time. This is South Carolina's official booking portal. 

walgreens 29928 COVID vaccine search results


This search is currently set to 29928, but just adjust as needed. 

Walmart COVID vaccines search and appointment booking link


This search is narrowed to the Bluffton and Hilton Head Island area, but simply zoom out or search another zip code to change the parameters. 

Super COVID Vaccine Search Websites and Aggregators south carolina search

This site checks for available COVID vaccination appointments at 6 (at the time of this writing) pharmacies. It's a quick way to see if anything is available, just know it does not search everyone. south Carolina search

Similar to, but additionally the website displays how long it has been since a website last had an available appointment. south carolina search results

This website is useful as a reference point. It contains a list of every pharmacy, hospital, and health center offering COVID-19 vaccinations. Includes links to visit the websites directly.

There's An App For That

If you're really a go-getter, this website helps you log in and set up an alert that will notify you (text, email, etc) if there's a change to appointment availability on the page/location of your choice. I don't recommend this option unless you're comfortable working online and familiar with the basics of how IFTT SAAS works.