Lowcountry Therapy Launches Adult Services

When we think about speech therapy, our minds usually go straight to the kids. Adult speech therapy is not our first thought. We all know that language evaluations and health check-ups for children are crucial to nipping problems in the bud. 

And with the right pediatric speech pathologist or occupational therapist, kids get the chance to to course correct and bloom. Little problems can be adjusted and big issues can be worked on through goal setting and consistent practice. 

But what about the adults?

What about Beaufort County, SC, residents with feeding, communication, cognitive, and speech issues that were never discovered, under-treated, or had recently occur due to injury or illness?

Lowcountry Therapy has a solution. Launched in 2020, their Adult Therapy Program for Beaufort County adults focuses on providing speech and swallowing therapies, in addition to other rehabilitative services covered by Medicare.

They are the first to offer skilled in-clinic, natural environment, and virtual adult speech therapy services in Beaufort County.  

Adult Speech Therapy Is More Than Just Talk!

Speech therapy covers more than just speech sound pronunciation. It also
addresses concerns about:

  • Trouble with feeding or swallowing
  • Expressive and receptive language
  • Voice disorders
  • Oral motor skills related to speaking
  • Social language and pragmatic skills (interpreting body language and social cues)

Lowcountry Therapy Is Tackling The Need For Adult
Speech Service in our Community

“Lowcountry Therapy was born from a place of need. The Bluffton and Hilton
Head Island area was underserved. When we opened, we were the only multi-
discipline pediatric outpatient clinic in the area. Now, a decade later, we are
seeing a glaring need for a new type of service: adult speech and swallowing
therapy. There is not one provider serving adult speech pathology services
within the natural environment. We, at Lowcountry Therapy, felt a calling to fill
this void. It is our goal to provide these crucial service so that adults can
succeed in activities of daily living.”

- Jessi Dolnik, Founder, MA, CCC-SLP

Lowcountry Therapy is an established pediatric speech and occupational services provider in the Lowcountry.

In January 2020, they launched the Lowcountry Adult Speech Therapy Clinic to address Beaufort County adults’ glaring need for skilled services to address under-treated or undiagnosed communication and feeding problems. 

The Adult Speech Therapy Program is led by Lowcountry Therapy founder Jessi Dolnik, MA, CCC-SLP, and developed with Lindsey Houseman, M.S CCC-SLP. Both experienced speech-language pathologists, Jessi and Lindsey have created a comprehensive outpatient program that provides individualized therapy for Beaufort County residents and a high level of caregiver support built into each action plan.

Their goal is to bridge the gap between in-patient and out-patient care and get Beaufort county residents the services they need to move forward in life. 

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) can help adults recovering or coping with:
Lowcountry therapy adult speech therapy
  • Strokes
  • Brain Injuries
  • Dementia
  • Cancer and other illnesses/injuries 
adult speech therapy swallowing therapy and feeding therapy
SLPs can also help find the untreated and undiagnosed disorders causing:
  • Trouble swallowing and feeding
  • Stuttering
  • Poor word formation
  • Communication issues
  • Memory and problem-solving concerns
  • Voice disorders (sounding hoarse all the time for no reason)

Speech language pathologists come out of school ready to treat the entire lifespan: pediatrics through adults. Lowcountry Therapy's team consists of multiple pediatric pathologists that not only have experience with adults, but also a desire to work with both pediatrics and adults. 

Spread The Word

Do you know someone who has recently had a stroke and needs help with speech, language, or swallowing? Or do you know someone with a degenerative condition, that needs some recommendations or therapy for accommodations to make life easier?

Lowcountry Therapy is here and looking forward to starting this new chapter. Help us reach the people we can help. Please join us in spreading the word! 

Why Adult Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) treat different communication and feeding concerns at the pediatric, adult, and senior levels. 

It’s not just forming the right sounds to make words, although that’s a large part of what SLPs do. Adult Speech Therapy is also improving problem-solving skills and memory, swallowing and feeding, forming sounds, and how we sound. 

Some of the concerns SLPs can address include:

how well our minds work

(memory and problem-solving)


how well our speech flows

(includes treatment for stuttering)


how we understand and use words

(also called aphasia)

Social Communication

how we follow rules and

talk to each other

Feeding and Swallowing

how well we suck/chew/swallow 

(also called dysphagia)

Speech Sounds

how we say and put sounds into words


how we read and write


how we sound

Adult Speech Therapy Can Make A Difference In:

  • Cancer Patients who have had their ability to swallow food compromised.
  • Stroke Victims can work with SLPs to form words and improve cognitive function.
  • Adults with lifelong reading, learning, and speech concerns, diagnosed or not, can finally get the help they need.

And it’s entirely possible your Medicare insurance will pay for it. The Lowcountry Adult Speech Therapy Program accepts Medicare insurance, as well as other insurance providers and private-pay. 

Find more information at Lowcountry Therapy

Where Is The Lowcountry Adult Speech Therapy Program

Offering in-clinic, at-home, and virtual appointments, Lowcountry Therapy places a focus on whole-person care. Outpatient programs involve working closely with both the patient and caregiver(s) to increase successful treatment chances. 

Lowcountry Adult Speech Therapy services can make in-person visits to homes, care centers, and many local independent and assisted living centers.

Lowcountry Therapy pediatric and adult speech therapy

Main Office location

Lowcountry Therapy’s main office is at 254 Red Cedar Street in Bluffton, SC. This office serves the Greater Bluffton and Hilton Head Island area.  

Google Maps Link here.

BEaufort Office Location

Lowcountry Therapy's secondary location is 1873 North Paris Avenue,
Port Royal, SC. 

Google Maps link here.

adult speech therapy swallowing therapy and feeding therapy

They Can Come To You, In-person or virtually

Lowcountry Adult Speech Therapy’s expert team of feeding, speech, communication, and occupational therapists can visit the patient’s natural environment, should there be a safety or medical issue that requires it. 

The team is happy to coordinate virtual appointments via video conferencing, too. The Lowcountry Adult Therapy Program services adults throughout Beaufort County, SC.

How To Get An Adult Speech Therapy Evaluation

To receive a skilled adult speech therapy or swallowing therapy evaluation and treatment, you’ll need to do the following:

Step 1. Get A Referral

Get a referral from your doctor. Referrals are valid for thirty (30) days and are required for evaluations. 

Step 2. Check Your Eligibility With Medicare Or Other Insurance Providers

The Lowcountry Adult Speech Therapy Program currently focuses on serving the needs of those covered by Medicare insurance. If you or your loved one have a different insurance provider, give Lowcountry Therapy a call to discuss further. 

In 2020, Medicare thresholds limits are $2,080 for Physical Therapy (PT) and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) services combined and $2,080 for Occupational Therapy (OT) Services. More information on the medicare.gov site.

Secondary insurance is balanced billed. 

Private billing is accepted. Call for payment options.

Step 3. Schedule Your In-Clinic, In-Home, or Virtual Evaluation

Lowcountry Adult Therapy Program will evaluate and treat at their clinic (254 Red Cedar Street, Bluffton, SC 29910).  If there are medical or safety concerns, they can come to the patient where they currently live or spend most of their time. 

Virtual evaluations are an option, too. Just ask!

Step 4. Complete Your Forms

After successfully scheduling your evaluation, the team at Lowcountry Therapy will follow-up and provide you with a series of forms to complete prior to your evaluation appointment. 

Meeting Beaufort County's Therapy Needs

Noticing the lack of available adult speech therapy treatments in the Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, SC area, Lowcountry Therapy established Lowcountry Adult Speech Therapy in January 2020 to help Beaufort County adults overcome issues with:

  • Feeding and Swallowing
  • Literacy and Dyslexia
  • Cognitive and Problem-Solving
  • Word Pronunciation and Communication
  • ...and more!
adult speech therapy swallowing therapy and feeding therapy

Spread The Word

Please, be sure to share if you know of a friend whose family might benefit from these services - many families struggle to connect with adult speech therapists and might be thrilled to know there’s a new program in town accepting patients! 

The Help You Need Is Here

When the topic of speech therapy and language services comes to mind, parents and educators often immediately think of the child-development team at Lowcountry Therapy. 

Our bet is pretty soon, Beaufort County residents will be thinking the same regarding adult speech therapy, cognitive therapies, and swallowing treatments. 

Get more information at Lowcountry Therapy now. 

Spread The Word

Do you know someone who has recently had a stroke and needs help with speech, language, or swallowing? Or do you know someone with a degenerative condition, that needs some recommendations or therapy for accommodations to make life easier?

Lowcountry Therapy is here and looking forward to starting this new chapter. Help us reach the people we can help. Please join us in spreading the word! 

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