THE MISSION: put all the info Lowcountry parents need in one place

To be honest, there’s nothing fancy to see here. No shiny new must-have products or perfect Instagram feeds. We’re a local website run by two Bluffton moms (Ashley and Beegee--hi!) on a mission to make being a local parent a little easier.

Who is running this thing anyway?

Beegee Tolpa founder

Hi, I'm Beegee!

Ashley, here to help!

Like you, we were frustrated we couldn't find a comprehensive list of every camp, every school, every playground, every kid-friendly event in one place.

We love consolidating things (just ask Beegee's husband how she got those 6 jars of half-eaten peanut butter into one single jar). We are good at organizing information (Ashley is about as Type A as they come) and building websites (Ashley is an SEO wizard and Beegee is a professional illustrator and graphic designer).

So the answer was obvious. We had to build! We really had no choice.

Bluffton, Hilton Head, Beaufort, Okatie, Savannah, and beyond have so much to offer families who live and visit here. But planning can be tough unless you’re patrolling FB like it's your actual paying job (we usually do that for free!). That’s why we created

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're missing out on fun events because you’re not stalking Facebook 24/7?
  • You're frustrated by the spring search for summer camps your child will love?
  • You wish you had a source of inspiration for low-cost local ideas your family might enjoy?

If you answered yes, then sign up today!

By signing up, here's what you'll find:

  • Information and resources you'll need to conquer your family calendar (cue trumpet sound).
  • You might get more time to yourself! (We said "might!")
  • New resources for raising your family in the Lowcountry

YES! Expect to see on this site:

NO! What you won't find here:

• Upcoming family-friendly events (so you don't see pics later on FB and realize what you missed out on).

• Drama! You get enough of that at home (but we do have Theater Camps!).

• Ideas for when the weather is cruddy (meaning: it's raining or too hot).

• Misleading advertising (we do accept ads but you will know them when you see them).

• Ideas for when the weather is great!

• Tourist Traps. While our guides are very useful for visitors, we are focused on helping the local community first and foremost.

• Lists of local summer camps, after-school programs, parents' night out and more! Organized by interest and fully searchable/sortable! (cue trumpet sound again!)

• Information that's vague or out of date. We will try our best to keep the guides and listings current but we can't do it without your help.

Psst..... Are you a local writer or photographer? We’d love to work with you! Check out our contribution guidelines here. is collecting all the details you need so you can conquer your calendar and enjoy life in the Lowcountry even more.

Your family is unique. And is here to share and embrace all our varied interests.

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Happy planning!

Beegee Tolpa founder