Affordable Grocery Store Alternatives

Grocery stores have taken on a new level of ick since COVID-19 hit. Random strangers squeezing and touching food you’re going to feed your family… no thanks. We know of 5 local farms with online ordering and some combination of local pickup or delivery options.

We’ve been shopping local markets for awhile now and have figured out who’s got what. 

Below you’ll find a list of local farms with online ordering who make it easy to grocery shop sans grocery store in the Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Okatie, and Beaufort areas. 

Let’s Talk About Cost

Does organic, locally grown meat cost more? When comparing apples to apples (organic grocery store to organic local farm) we’ve found the costs to be similar. About $9-10/pound for good-quality organic, pasture-raised ground beef. Are we eating pasture-raised NY Strip Steaks every night? No - we wish! 

Do organic free-range eggs cost more? Nope. We pay $5.50 for a dozen large eggs from Filiwest Farms. While we can find it cheaper (occasionally) on sale in the grocery store, it’s usually in the $5-7 range. But will the grocery store have any? Filiwest Farms is home to the incredible, always available egg.

What about the fruit and veg? Whippoorwill Farms has great prices on zucchini and cukes. Adam is fairly priced and you can buy small amounts. Tuten farms has tons of local produce and some fun add-ons. Local FarmBag is great for feeding families. 

All we’re trying to say is when you’re comparing prices, make sure it’s for the same thing, organic or not.

3 Things We Like About Online Local Farms

You can order and pay online. No swapping germs at checkout. 

They offer pickup at your closest farmer’s market.

You can schedule home delivery - most are FREE with a minimum purchase amount.

5 Local Farms With Online Ordering 

No grocery store required and pickup or delivery options are available.

Adam’s Farms and Gardens

Local farm for fruits and vegetables

Customize a pickup ($15 minimum order) or shop in-person. 

Filiwest Farms

Local organic and/or pasture-raised eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and dairy 

Order and pay online, then simply pickup at Thursday's Bluffton Market. 

Meat note: The farms is currently prepping a restock of meats. Estimated availability in early June… choice pieces go fast, so sign up for emails on their website and be the first to know.

Local Farmbag

Local market co-op delivery service

A Savannah-based CSA that sources fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy from Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. This is organic local farm delivery at its best.

Ooh, they just introduced Butcher Boxes! 

  • produce, eggs, poultry, dairy, meat, oils, and pasta
  • delivery
  • Subscription box plus weekly add-ons and customization

Tuten Farms

Local market co-op delivery service

Lots of produce and some add-ons like jellies, honey, and pickled products. To our knowledge, not organic, but they are nice guys, competitively priced, and local. 

Whippoorwill Farm

Family farm with FREE delivery and on-site or market pickup

A Beaufort-area farm, featuring rabbit, chicken, pork, some veg, and Filiwest eggs. Another one of the great local farms with online ordering.

The Lowcountry has plenty of local eggs, meat, vegetables, and fruit with pricing to match your local grocery store, from local farms with online ordering. And it’s so nice to know they come from great local farmers who care. 

Give online ordering from local farms a try this week. It’s a great way to get outside, support a local business, and show your kids you care. 

Know Of Any Local Farms With Online Ordering?

Let us know in the comments, pretty please! 

About the Author Ashley

Ashley Trexler is best known for her award-winning parenting blog, but she's obsessed with helping small businesses doing good make the most of their online presence - without breaking the bank.

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